fiona Sims

Fiona Sims is a food, drink and travel writer with nearly 20 years experience of writing for the UK's top newspapers and magazines.

* started her career in food and drink at Taste magazine, then moved to Inside Hotels magazine as deputy editor, followed by leading hospitality weekly Caterer & Hotelkeeper as drinks editor, before going freelance. She now divides her time between her home office (a hut at the end of her garden) and travelling the globe.  

* has written for many different magazines and newspapers, including The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Delicious, Food & Travel, High Life, Decanter and Caterer & Hotelkeeper . In 2013 she won Best Travel Article on Wine Tourism at The French Press Awards.

* has extensive editing and commissioning experience, including managing editor on Pantheon for Rolls-Royce, and editor on the best-selling Illustrated Royal Weddings magazine, plus content editor roles on luxury food brand websites, such as Godiva and Maille.

* has written two books, Guide to Wine (Parragon) and Wine Made Simple (Marks & Spencer), and her first cookery book, The Boat Cookbook, is due to be published by Bloomsbury Adlard Coles in April 2014.



* has interviewed many of the world's top chefs, food and drink personalities and hoteliers, including Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal, Charlie Trotter, Alain Ducasse, Ferran Adrià and Elena Arzak.

* has travelled to top restaurants with some of the world's most famous chefs  - accompanying Heston Blumenthal on his first trip to the legendary El Bulli in Spain

*has organized the UK’s first international women’s chef event with top British chef Angela Hartnett (watch the video and/or read her article about it in Sphere magazine

* read about some of her jaunts in recent articles through the following links, from discovering the secrets of ceviche and Peruvian cuisine, and braving an eruption on Mount Etna to sample thrilling wines for The Times, to following the Loire river in search of great cheese and fine old white wine for Decanter, and trekking to a remote outpost in Northern Sweden to meet one of the world’s hottest chefs, Magnus Nilsson, for Caterer & Hotelkeeper. Not forgetting the ultimate Californian road trip for Sphere Magazine in pursuit of the best breakfast burritos and boutique winemakers, and her kayaking on glacial lakes and foraging in the wilderness with bears in Alaska for Food & Travel, which also sent her on a mission to source the finest grits in Charleston, South Carolina, and find the best places to eat on a favourite stretch of British coast, North Norfolk


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Feature writing (including food-related travel features), 'opinion' and other topical columns, editing and commissioning, trendspotting, interviews with chefs and food producers, winemakers and distillers, restaurant reviews, recipe development (food & cocktails), recipe editing, matching food and wine, beer and other drinks, conducting tastings, copywriting. Excellent contacts in the food, drink and travel world.