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This is the page where we share our current enthusiasms at a greater length than the 140 characters we're allowed on Twitter but more briefly than we burble away about them on our blog.

Mini me cocktails

The Polo Bar at The Westbury, Mayfair, has been crowned the Best Hotel Bar for a good reason. Not because genial bar manager Elias Yiallouris is in charge (though that’s a big plus), but because they have a dynamic cocktail programme with an ever-changing roster of specials - and if you go with a mate, you get to try theirs too without transferring lipstick all over their glass. Yup, order yours, and you get a mini version of your mate’s. Genius.

Red Lambrusco

Forget the sweet white stuff you might have swigged at a student party back in the 1980s, red Lambrusco is the real deal and the perfect match for cold cuts and cheese, as Fiona S found out recently on a trip to Parma in Emilia-Romagna. Deep crimson, playfully frothy and dry, you won’t find these down at your local offy. It’s best to search them out at independent wine merchants, such as Vini Italiani – or better still, visit Parma. My favourite was Ariole’s minerally Lambrusco quaffed in atmospheric Parma wine bar, Tabarro.

In praise of the herring

The humble herring is not a fashionable fish – until now. Thanks to Aquavit, London’s glamorous new Manhattan import, it is becoming feted once more. Herrings, of course, sustained Northern Europeans for, oh, around two millennia. The steely, blue-ish green liveried fish teems in our waters and it became an essential part of our diet (Amsterdam was built on herring bones, or so the story goes), and hopefully will again. Executive chef Henrik Ritzén offers a great herring taster plate to get you in the zone, prepared in three different ways - dill, mustard and curry (£12).

Tête de Moîne cheese cutters

Evidence - if further evidence were needed - that the2fionas have some spooky intercommunication going on. Having been chatting about the quirkiness of Tête de Moîne, an obscure Swiss cheese which is cut into fancy curls on a special ‘girolle’ cutter we both went out independently and bought one, convinced the other Fi would be pleased and amazed at the surprise. So we had two at our annual New Year celebration. Gadgetry aside it’s a great cheese with a full flavour, a bit like an Appenzeller and nicer with a white wine (such as a Chasselas) than a red.

Fernando de Castilla Formula Antique Fino sherry

Talking of sherry, while Fiona S’s guests were swigging the prosecco the other day she and Fi B had a sneaky sip of Fernando de Castilla’s gorgeous almost caramelly fino which tastes more like a pale dry amontillado. Heaven with nuts, you can buy it from online retailers such as slurp.co.uk (£15.95 a half litre) or Indies such as Hennings for £19.95. The palo cortado is fantastic too. Cue a quick plug for Fiona B’s new ebook 101 Great Ways to Enjoy Sherry - available for the bargainous price of £4.50 from her website matchingfoodandwine.com.

St John’s Welsh Rarebit Mixture

You might think Welsh rarebit was the easiest thing in the world to rustle up and it is, but for sheer convenience - and comfort - we love the idea of having a pot in the fridge. Fergus Henderson of St John is now selling a takeaway version of his famous recipe, along with his trademark ‘Trotter Gear’, from his restaurants and (hooray!) Ocado. The secret? Guinness and ‘a very long splash’ of Worcestershire sauce. Very ‘steadying’ as Fergus would put it. (You can find the recipe in his marvellous book Nose to Tail Eating.